Summer Solstice
Empowerment  Ritual
Summer in the North is a time of abundance, strength and solar power.  It is a time where
we can soak in the fire / earth energies to empower and invigorate ourselves in the world.
By clearly setting your intention, focusing and affirming through ritual and /or prayer, at
specific alignments of the Sun, Moon and Earth, we tap into the natural cycles of the
universal life force.  Ritual is the way we let the Divine know we are asking for help.  
Remember we create what we imagine, or as Carolyn Casey says, “ Imagination lays the
tracks for the reality train.”      

Create Sacred space:
Choose a special harmonious place
¨           Outdoors choose a quiet place where natural forces can contribute to the energy
¨           Presence of the four elements; earth, water, fire, air is especially powerful
¨           Or indoors around a center of energy, such as an alter, hearth or candle
¨           It is always nice to have something beautiful with which to focus your energy
¨           Such as a crystal, flowers, feathers, a picture
¨           You can smudge or visualize white light around you
¨           Write your intention on a piece of paper
¨           Say it out loud
¨           Visualize it in your life
¨           Fully OWN it, until you can FEEL its presence in your heart,  mind and body
¨           Spend time imagining its benefits in your life, feel gratitude for what is being   
¨           Promise to give something back or up especially in your relationship to mother


                                   Empowerment Ritual

You will need:

>          A set of crayons, including red, orange, yellow, green sky blue, dark blue,
       violet, black, gray, white, silver and gold.
>          A medium to work on cloth or paper on which all the colors will show up. This
       needs to be large enough to allow for creative exploration
>          A red candle
>          Fiery scented incense such as sage or cedar
>          For inspiritation: summer flowers, herbs and music

Establish your working circle after you've gathered all your materials together. Make sure
you have a comfortable place to sit and draw. You'll be here a while.

Take some moments to say a prayer for guidance and to invite your guardians, protectors
and angelic friends to be present and support your sacred work.
Ask them to help you find inspiration and visualize the symbols clearly
Ask them for help finding the spirit within to empower the symbols
And that the symbols you draw here may work upon your emotions for your Highest Good.
Ask for wisdom and a link with your inner vision
Ask Mother Earth to help you ground deeply and to give you sustenance in the world

Using the red crayon, visualize the color of life essence. Draw a human body
using a star-like shape.

Draw the first symbol that comes to your mind when you think of strength and
power. (Draw it in red, below the human body shape.)

Now take the orange crayon. This color represents vitality, potency, courage.
Draw the first symbol of these qualities that comes to mind, slightly above and
to the left of the last symbol.

With the yellow crayon in hand, concentrate on intellect and your request for
knowledge. Draw a symbol of this directly to the left of the human body shape.

Using the green crayon, visualize expansion, abundance, prosperity, growth.
Love. When you have felt its energy, draw a symbol of it above and to the left
of the human body.

Take up the sky blue crayon and feel its energy of expression, communication,
spiritual gain, joy, and self achievement. Draw a symbol of these directly above
the central symbol (body).

Using a dark blue crayon, draw a symbol to the lower right of the last symbol.
This one should represent synthesis and inner wisdom. It should align with the
green shape.

In violet, which represents spirituality and guidance, draw a symbol of those
traits directly to the right of the red central sign.

White is used to link the life force. Draw a symbol that represents a cycle or
strong bond below and to the right of the central symbol.

This main pattern is complete. It should resemble a circle of colors and symbols
surrounding the body.

Now trace from the central body, directly to the left. Here you should come upon
the yellow symbol. To the left of that symbol, you will draw another sign in
silver. Hold the silver crayon and feel its energy. Imagine the journey you are
embarking on and draw a symbol for it.

Take the gray crayon and visualize flexibility, endurance, persistence and
resolve needed to accomplish the changes you desire. When you feel its energy,
draw a symbol of those strengths at the very top center (above the human body
and above the blue sign).

The gold crayon represents activity. Draw you symbol of activation to the far
right (lined up horizontally with the silver symbol).

Using black, feel and see the changes you want occurring, the power of this
ritual going to work. Draw a symbol of this directly beneath the red symbol
under the body. (The bottom of the page, centered).

Give blessings and thanks to all invoked gods, goddesses and spirits by saying:
To all Spirits visible and invisible that have been present in this ritual,
Depart in peace, my thanks and blessings.

Hang the resulting picture up somewhere where you can see it often. When you
need any of the specific traits energized in each symbol, simply think of that
particular color and symbol as depicted in your artwork.