The New Moon In Virgo
occurs between
August 21--September 22nd

"Last night, as I was sleeping,
I dreamt—marvelous error—
That I had a beehive here inside my heart.
And the golden bees were making white combs
And sweet honey from my old failures."
Antonio Machado, Times Alone
Susan S. Boulet
:  The New Moon in Virgo is the time to listen to your ‘gut’ instincts.  Stop wasting mental energies worrying
about what you can not change.  Instead, analyze how your problem solving skills can best be put to use.  
Inspiration and discipline can work together to create art with function, also known as craftsmanship.  It is
important to note where one is blocking the channels of inspiration by nit picking and worrying about
imperfections.  Where in your life are you letting perfectionist tendencies immobilize you? Where are the
details taking over your life? Where in your life does a healing need to take place?  Now is the month to
plan realistically for what you would like to accomplish in work, health, and service to others.  Virgo in our
chart represents where we may act as a healer.  In the indigenous cultures the path of the healer supports
the principal of paying attention to what has heart and meaning.  Healers from all traditions recognize the
healing power of love as the ,most potent force available to all humans.  Effective Healers from any culture
are those who know that love is extended to others through: acknowledgement, acceptance, recognition,
validation and gratitude. Many native cultures believe that the heart is the bridge between Mother Earth
and Father Sky.  For these traditions, the source for sustaining emotional and spiritual health, is described
as being full, open, clear and strong..  Where the sign Virgo is located in your chart is where you might
consider asking yourself:  “AM I full hearted, open hearted, clear hearted and strong hearted?”

Virgo Needs and Attitudes: discriminating, methodical, discreet, analytical, detail oriented,  health
conscious, perfectionist, compulsive, picky, fussy, nervous
Mercury  as Virgo’s Ruler signifies our unique way of communicating and the methods we chose to use for
problem solving.  

Chiron (ko) Where (the House location) this planet resides in your birth chart is significant to where you
are most likely to take the initiative to fix things and work as a healer. Often there was an initial wounding in
this area of our lives.  It is the gateway between the physical and the mental.

The Challenges Offered In The House Where Virgo Is Operating:  this where you may tend to want to
analyze and repair in a detailed way or act as an apprentice. You may have a reputation for being overly
fussy and critical is this area of your life.  While you may be extremely critical of how others problem solve
concerning the issues you consider pertinent, you are even harder on yourself. This area of your life is
where you tend to run negative self-talk in your head, constantly commenting on what you “should” be
doing as opposed to what you are doing.  Sometimes you become so over-whelmed by a compulsive need
to do it all, that instead of being in charge of life’s details, the details are in charge of you.  This is called
the ‘workaholic pattern”.

Virgo’s Physical Areas of Strength or Weakness:  intestines, appendix, abdomen, digestion

Virgo Affirmations:  I always work for my highest good.  Radiant health is my divine right. Every thing I need
is available to me

The sign of Virgo has always been associated with problem solving and healing.  Each of the four
elements is prey to one of the 4 addictions.  The earth signs are prone to the addiction of perfection.  It is
important to in Virgo’s House placement within your chart to differentiate between perfection and
excellence.  Perfectionism does not tolerate mistakes whereas Excellence incorporates and learns from

The Tradition of the Four Chambered Heart**
In this tradition it is important to check the condition of the heart daily by asking:  “AM I full-hearted, open-
hearted, clear-hearted, and strong hearted?”
v        Where we are not full hearted we approach people and situations half-heartedly.  The experience of
feeling we SHOULD do something we don’t want to is the breeding ground for this condition.  Feeling half
hearted is an announcement of wrong placement and it is time to remove ourselves from these situations.
v        Where we are not open hearted we become close hearted.  Being defensive, resistant, and self-
protective are signs that we feel vulnerable and weak.  The remedy is to soften and reopen the heart
through compassion for self and other, and creating a middle way.
v        Where we are not clear hearted we are confused and carry a doubting heart.  This is where we need
to wait.  States of ambivalence and indifference are precursors to confusion and doubt.  When we are in
this state we are reminded to wait for clarity rather than to take action.
v        Where we are not strong-hearted is where we lack the courage to be authentic or to say what is true
for us.  Strong heartedness is where we have the courage to be all of who we are in our live.  The word
“courage” is derived from the French cord for hear, coer, and etymologically it means, “ the ability to stand
by one’s heart or to stand by one’s core.”  Whenever we exhibit courage we demonstrate the healing
power of paying attention to what has heart and meaning for us.  **
From Angeles Arrien’s “The Four Fold

                                           Virgo Universal Healing Principals

1.        Balanced diet
2.        Daily and weekly exercise
3.        Time for fun play and laugher
4.        Music, sonic, and chanting
5.        Love, touch, and support systems
6.        Engage in interests, hobbies, and creative purpose
7.        Nature, beauty and healing environments
8.        The presence of faith and belief in the supernatural

Important Practices to develop the Inner Healer

1.        Spend at least 15 minutes each day in meditation
2.        Spend at least 5-10 minutes acknowledging your strengths and talents, your contributions that    
     you have made or are making, acknowledge the love given and love received
3.        Identify your wound—the story you tell yourself that is tied to some kind of traumatic event.
     Consider offering it up.
4.        At least once  a month take a journey into music.
5.        Spend time each day checking the condition of your four chambered heart.